Precision, Production, Perfection

Because your smile is on the line, your Gleam aligners are produced based on your customized treatment plan, with the highest quality and using leading technology.

Precise and Custom

Molds and traditional dental imprints are no longer necessary. You will receive a state of the art 3D image of your teeth done by our scanner at a Gleam Studio. Our orthodontic specialists create a custom designed treatment for your Instant Aligners by Gleam.

Production and Material

The material we use for the production of Gleam Aligners is of highest quality and comfort.

Our aligners are individually packaged in numbered polyethylene bags. Polyethylene is a responsible environmental choice as it consumes less energy and water to manufacture while emitting less CO2 than other materials. Additionally, polyethylene can be recycled.

Perfection and Quality

Each one of our aligners is expertly inspected and assessed to meet the highest industry standards. It is all about you, your teeth, and your smile. Your comfort is our top priority. Your Gleam.

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