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Hi. We’re Gleam.

We’re on a mission to help people smile from the inside out. A smile that communicates how good they feel. A smile that when returned as you walk down the street starts to stitch together a community.

We call that kind of smile a ‘gleam’ and - thanks to our technology, which has combined years of the best dentistry experience with new tech, we can affordably bring great straight teeth and gleams to everyone.

For too long, the dental industry has pumped out over-bleached fake smiles. They continue to sell a product that’s meant to fix how we look, not how we feel. And to add insult to injury it costs a fortune, is painful, inconvenient, and worst of all? You don’t feel better about yourself if you’re paying too much for an inferior product. You can’t.

We believe with every tooth in our body that a company must do more than just sell things to make money. Besides that’s not who we are. We care. A company, like ours, can help build communities, make less in order to do more good, and just help make the world a little better, gleam by gleam.

That’s what we’re doing. And it’s not just aligners. Soon, we’ll be bringing affordable dentures and implants to everyone because we know the confidence and good feeling that gives people. And, that makes us gleam.

So what exactly is a ‘gleam?’

Smiles live on the outside. But a gleam starts on the inside.

A gleam is something you feel.

It’s like a smile but a bit extra. It rushes out of your heart, all the way up to your head and out of your mouth.

Try thinking of a really nice moment. Or someone you love. Or a silly thing your dog did.

Or something you’re really proud of yourself for. Now let it blast out of your heart, into your whole body. That’s a gleam!

Smiles can be controlled. Gleams cannot be. You just feel too good and you have to let it out.

What are our values?


We believe everyone in the world should have access to good teeth. We know the importance of that feeling. Our low price points are aimed at accessibility, but there’s another reason why we carry this value. To most people, talking about teeth and dentistry is difficult. It’s painful, with childhood memories of a frightening dentist’s chair and big metal braces. There is an emotional inaccessibility. It is vital that we are approachable and warm and that we cast off the old stereotypes of dentistry.


German dentistry is the best in the world. This is where our technology has been developed. In many ways, we are a tech company and with our expertise, we are developing more and more ways that you can enjoy great teeth without ever leaving your home. We are professional, to the point and we speak with authority. But we are always always always...


The driving force behind us is that we know how good it feels to ‘gleam’ and we want to spread that feeling at an affordable price. That is kind.

Discover your gleam.

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