Hi. We're Gleam.

We make the best, most affordable aligners because we believe everyone has a smile on the inside that deserves to shine out.
We call that a "gleam."
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Perfect teeth. No stress.

Our instant aligners straighten your teeth and offer you a beautiful smile in only a few months. And...no one will ever know because it's invisible.

Our treatment is medically supervised by our orthodontic experts.

Save up to 70% compared to other orthodontic treatments.

How to get a beautiful smile - a gleam - in just four steps.

Visit one of Gleam Studios and get a 3D scan of your smile.

We’ll show you a simulation of just how good your teeth will look with our treatment.

We’ll also probably tell you a joke or two to get you to smile.

Instant Aligners by Gleam will be shipped directly to you within 10 to 14 business days.

Your custom-made Gleam Instant Aligners will be shipped to you within 10 to 14 days.

Unless you tell them, your friends and family might not ever know that you are wearing our invisible aligners.

Monitor your treatment directly in the app.

You can monitor your treatment directly in an app and we’ll check in regularly to see how your progress is doing.

You can schedule an online consultation with one of our orthodontic experts anytime, without ever leaving home.

Gleam on!

After your treatment, we’ll fit you with a custom-made retainer to wear at night.

It will protect your teeth while you sleep so you can have sweet gleams.


Discover your gleam.

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